Maintaining good oral hygiene is important to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Most dental problems can be avoided with regular dental check-ups and cleans as well as daily preventative home care, such as proper flossing and brushing.

At Braceless Choice, we recommend regular 3-6 month oral health checks and teeth cleaning for all our patients. A check-up and clean can be easily arranged with our Oral Health Therapist at the same time you attend for your plate review appointments, saving you the hassle of juggling yet another appointment. Our Oral Health Therapist will also assist and teach your child how to properly care for and clean their teeth.

We recommend throughout your treatment at Braceless Choice to:

  • Brush your teeth thoroughly twice a day and floss daily
  • Use fluoride containing toothpaste
  • Clean your plate thoroughly each evening with a big denture toothbrush and a paste made from bicarb soda and vinegar
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat a balanced diet, low in sugar and limit snacks between meals.

A complimentary check-up and clean is offered when your child initially starts treatment at Braceless Choice. Please note that standard dental fees apply for any additional check-ups and cleaning. We are able to complete these services as part of the Child Dental Benefit Scheme, which are then bulk-billed to Medicare. Or if you have private health insurance, these fees can be claimed through your insurance fund.